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LED Ladder Lights 12V DC

SKU EL-LAD-92X10-140K-12

LED Ladder Lights are designed to provide the best quality lumen outputs for applications such as backlighting illuminated signs, SEG fabric displays, and any projects that require the highest value and cost-efficiency. The LED Ladder Lights are versatile and can be easily fitted into sign boxes and indoor or outdoor lightboxes. 

Each LED Ladder Light is made of many rows of rigid LED PCB Lightbars pre-wired together for easy installation. The ultra-flexible wiring between each lightbar allows the LED Lattice to be wrapped around corners or columns and spacing between bars can be adjusted to custom fit to your application.

The wires between each LED lightbar can be cut horizontally at any point to divide it into single lightbars or smaller segments to fit into smaller spaces.

The 12V DC LED Ladder lights are available to order in 92 in x 10 in, 92 in x 20 in, or 92 in x 39 in size options in 6000K Cool White LED CCT. 

Need help with your LED lighting applications? Our lighting experts are here to help! Contact us today for assistance with lighting plan or installation instructions.

* Required: Requires a non-dimming or dimming 12 volt DC driver.

Key Features

  • No hotspots & uniform illumination
  • Reliable and predictable lighting results
  • Maintenance-free & Cost-effective light source
  • LED Chipsets are high intensity, ultra-bright, and energy-efficient
  • No RF interference
  • Easy Installation
  • Up to 50,000 hours Lifespan
  • UL Listed


  • Retail Display
  • SEG Graphic Display Light Boxes
  • Back-lit Graphics
  • Wall or Ceiling Lighting
  • Custom DIY project


View EL-LAD-92X10-140K-12 Spec Sheet 

View EL-LAD-92X20-140K-12 Spec Sheet 

View EL-LAD-92X39-140K-12 Spec Sheet 

Brightness (per bar) 92X10 in. - 120 Lumens
92X20 in. - 360 Lumens
92X39 in. - 720 Lumens
Brightness (per roll) 92X10 in. - 4800 Lumens
92X20 in. - 14400 Lumens
92X39 in. - 28800 Lumens
Power (per bar) 92X10 in. - 1.2 Watt
92X20 in. - 3 Watt
92X39 in. - 6 Watt
Power (per roll) 92X10 in. - 48 Watt
92X20 in. - 120 Watt
92X39 in. - 240 Watt
Roll Sizes & Order SKUs 92X10 in. EL-LAD-92X10
92X20 in. EL-LAD-92X20
92X39 in. EL-LAD-92X39
Number of LED Chips (per bar) 92X10 in. - 6
92X20 in. - 12
92X39 in. - 24
Number of LED Chips (per roll) 92X10 in. - 240
92X20 in. - 480
92X39 in. - 960
Number of LED Bars (per roll) 92X10 in. - 40 Bars
92X20 in. - 40 Bars
92X39 in. - 40 Bars
Input Voltage 12V DC
LED CCT 6000K Cool White
CRI 90+
IP Rating IP20
Environment Indoor Use - Dry Location
LED Beam Angle 120°
Bar Lengths 10 in., 20 in., or 39 in. long
Bar Width
0.4 in / 10.16 mm wide
Bar-to-Bar Spacing
2 in / 50.8 mm
Working Temperature -20°C - 50°C
Mounting Hanging with supplied Ring Nuts or use Surface mounting tabs for mechanically fastening with screws
~11 inches long 16 AWG stranded lead wires at top and bottom of each roll
Manufacturer Elumalight
Rating UL Listed
Avg. Lifetime ± 30,000 - 50,000 hours
Warranty 3 years limited
Remarks *Not to exceed 80% of LED Driver Capacity.