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LED RGB Tape Light Kits 12V DC 16 ft Reel


The 12V DC RGB LED Tape light kits are made with commercial-grade PCBs to ensure our color-changing RGB LED strips last longer and run cooler with high consistency and even illumination. It is the perfect lighting solution for tradeshows, exhibitions lighting, retail display lighting, back-lighting application, and more.

The color consistent RGB LED Tape Light is only 0.39” (10mm) wide. Available in Indoor Dry Location Rated IP20 or Outdoor Wet Location Rated IP65 Kit options. Each kit includes 16 ft Reel, LED power supply, and Controller.

The color of this RGB LED Tape Light kit can be adjusted from Red, Green, to Blue with various mode settings such as Flash, Fade, etc with the supplied LED RGB controller.

The RGB LED 12V DC Tape Light Kits are made with wire leads on the ends of each 16 ft reel and can be cut every 2 inches at its cut marking points, allowing you to cut pieces to the length desired.

Each kit includes required power feed and connectors, 1x 12V DC LED Driver, and 1 RGB LED Controller with 44-key IR remote.

Key Features

  • Maintenance-free
  • Solid-State Construction
  • High shock and Vibration Resistance
  • SMD 5050 LED Chipsets are high intensity, ultra-bright, and energy-efficient
  • No RF interference
  • Up to 50,000 hours Lifespan
  • CE Listed, RoHs


  • Decorative Lighting for Tradeshows, Exhibition, Retail Displays
  • Architectural lighting for corridors, canopies, archways, or windows
  • Downlighting or Uplighting Applications
  • Backlighting or edge-lighting for sign letters
  • Under-cabinet, Under-Counter, or cove lighting
  • Custom DIY project


View Spec Sheet 

Brightness 500 Lumens/ft
1640 Lumens/meter
Power (Watts) 3 watt/ft
9.84 watt/meter
Input Voltage 12V DC
LED Colors RGB
IP Rating IP20 or IP65
Environment Indoor or Outdoor Location
LED Beam Angle 120°
LED Density 18 LEDs/ft
300 LEDs/reel
LED Chip Size SMD 5050
LED Spacing 0.66 in / 16.7 mm
Length 16.4 ft / 5 meters long
Width 0.39 in / 10mm wide
Height 0.04 in / 1.01 mm thick
Cutting Increment 2 in / 50.8 mm
at cut marking
Adhesive Backing 3M Adhesive
Manufacturer Elumalight
Rating UL, ETL, RoHS
Avg. Lifetime ± 30,000 - 50,000 hours
Warranty 3 years limited