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Male DC Hardwire Power Cable - 8 ft


The 8 ft long DC Hardwire Power Cable is available with 2.1 mm Coax-style in-line Male DC Barrel Plug on one end and spliced end 2 conductors wire feed on the other end. Price per cable.

The 2 conductor wire leads are molded to the plugs for a secure connection. They are perfect for plug and play low voltage hardwiring power applications.


  • Input Voltage: 5V, 12V, or 24V DC
  • Max Amp.: ~5A
  • Plugs Inside Diameter: 2.1 mm (inner barrel)
  • Wire Gauge: 20 AWG
  • Wire Length: 8 ft
  • Wire Lengths (metric):  2.44 m
  • Conductors: 2 (Positive + Wire, Negative - Wire)
  • Warranty: 1 year